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[Guestblog] Finally! Riding Gear for Women of All Sizes.

By | April 20, 2010

I am ever so thrilled to host this outstanding guestblog by Poliana, the ultrarad scooterist pictured on the left (amazing photo by Damon Landry), about a new option in the search for fat-friendly riding gear. It’s nearly enough to make me want a scooter myself, but I live in Metro Boston and would fear for […]

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[Guestblog] Boobage. Yes that.

By | March 9, 2010

I walked into a commonly-loathed fatshion store and tried on the 2 bras offered to me. They came in black and beige with polyester all over. Struggling to squish my tits into one, then the other cup was like playing chicken with the fat kid on top. It just so happened that of the two […]

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[Guestblog] When constructive criticism… isn’t: a long-ass meditation involving extremely short shorts

By | January 7, 2010

The longer i’m a part of FA the less I’m willing to ignore negative body talk from clueless family, uninitiated friends, and total strangers. I feel like all the work I’ve put in on size acceptance amount to some sort of Fat Powers–and with great powers comes great responsibility– and that I should be harnessing […]

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[Guestblog] The Politics of Side Boob

By | October 28, 2009

There’s a quaint little shop that’s opened up in my ‘hood that I’ve discovered I enjoy. Though it has no knowledge of two whole cakes it does carry whatever my fellow hoodlums sell or trade in. In bright green and annoying font I passed by grudgingly, surely they’d have nothing for me. I had just […]

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[Guestblog] National Enquirer Headline: Woman Eats! In Public!

By | October 22, 2009

If you’re a woman eating in public most people will consider it performance art and a judgment invitational. You can expect comments on the type, quantity, the good-for-youness, and your chosen food receptacle. The only thing that might draw more attention to the fact that you are a woman eating, is if you happen to […]

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[Guestblog] When two whole cakes ain’t enough arsenal…

By | September 29, 2009

I was leaning against a sign that read “Bus Stops Here” and jamming to some Dresden Dolls, my trusty guide dog sitting politely at my left leg. He laid down impatiently as the minute hands ticked and still no bus in sight. Then, out of what most docs wouldn’t call peripheral vision I spotted a […]

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[Guestblog] Fatshion and The Sartorialist

By | August 31, 2009

I love the Sartorialist. Almost more than any other blog that I read (and maybe read isn’t the right word because its mostly photos). Yeah, I get down with Jay Smooth for thinky bits, Warren Ellis for shits and giggles and Afrobella for cosmetics but nothing really piques my curiosity and creativity like the Sartorialist. […]

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[Guestblog] My Year in Dresses: A Tutorial and Reflections

By | August 21, 2009

[This has been cross-posted from The Pretty Year, another fabulous fashion blog. Go check it out!] About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to see what life would be like without pants. I was inspired by Lesley’s pantsless life, but I wasn’t so sure that I could pull it off. I had a […]

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What Fat Hairs You have

By | July 1, 2009

Fatshionism as it stands generally relates to fashion in a fat way. Fashion as it is understood generally relates to clothing and apparel. Hair as it stands on my head is not generally fat or fashionable. It’s organic and grown myself, thank you very much. So why do I feel the need to talk about […]

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Black is the new FemiSlim NutriShake

By | June 21, 2009

Let’s get one thing straight, let’s bust this “beauty” myth, let’s all promise to stop saying it: “Black is so slimming!” Since I started a job that has an all black dress code, I have heard every variation on that tired nugget. “You’re so lucky! Black will totally slim you/Take X pounds off you/define the […]

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