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Review: Avatar (in 3D!)

By | December 21, 2009

Note: I write lots of stuff that gets posted elsewhere, because I am often stymied by my need to be Very On Topic on this blog. Starting today, I’m taking a to-hell-with-that approach, and will be sharing more of my other writing here, most of which really is pretty topical (at least on the social […]

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Close Reading: “I’se sure got a good job now!”

By | December 18, 2009

Hello, my dears. I apologize for the lack of Fatshionista in your life lately; the past month has been a little off the rails for me. For example: on Thanksgiving, my closet collapsed. By “collapsed” I mean the rod and shelf from whence things were hung? Fell down. Rufus was seen skulking from the scene […]

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