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Real Quick: Duke survey says fat ladies can’t get no satisfaction (…no no no!)

By | April 29, 2011

Hey hey hey!* There’s new research out about fatties and sex! A pack of scientists from Duke University wanted to find out how fat folks feel about their sex lives, using an established questionnaire that “assesses and scores sexual functioning broadly across nine domains — interest, desire, arousal, orgasm, satisfaction, behavior, relationship, masturbation, and problems.” […]

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Short Cuts: Tall tales edition

By | April 26, 2011

I was paging through CNN’s Compulsory and Gratuitous Weight Loss Stories (i.e. Health) section the other day, looking for blog fodder, and ran across a story about a woman who used “4 tips” (four? I thought all I needed was “1 old rule”!) to lose 232 pounds. The story itself is a standard weight-loss fairytale. […]

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This one is for the LADIES: Bayonetta vs. School 26

By | April 25, 2011

Back in March, the disappointing (and at times enraging) PAX East panel on “female characters” started out by sinking itself hip-deep in the question of whether it’s “okay” for female characters to be “sexy”, and it only seemed to leave that mire a few times in order to discuss how annoying certain female characters are. […]

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The lady is a tramp: On getting my bits touched by the TSA

By | April 18, 2011

I was faced with the new airport scanner technology for the first time immediately prior to flying back from San Franscisco in early March. The machines in SFO were not the ominous black-box Rapiscan monsters of ill radiation-dosing repute, but a clear tube with two scanning pillars that rotate around the scanee. I was pulled […]

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Friday Fluff: Party Girl

By | April 8, 2011

Things will likely be quiet around here for the next week, but I figured I should send y’all off with an ass-shaker of a video. Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race will recognize Mimi Imfurst, and while she may not have been hugely popular on that show, she sure as shit redeems herself here. I love […]

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Short Cuts: Mailbag edition

By | April 6, 2011

Let’s start with the fluff and work our way down to the horror, shall we? Those of you who follow me on Twitter may be aware of my ongoing Leggings Quest. A week or so ago, I broke down and ordered leggings from We Love Colors. They arrived! And they fit! I got the 3X, […]

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Fatcast LIVE!

By | April 1, 2011

Did I mention this is happening? There is a Facebook event page for it and everything! It’s taking place the same weekend as NYC’s storied and magnificent Fat Girl Flea Market, so if you’re going to be in town for that, you’ll have the chance to kill two fat birds with one very fat stone. […]

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