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On our difficult language, and the calling-out of same.

By | March 30, 2011

Y’all have probably noticed I don’t do trigger warnings around here, or if I do, I serve them up extremely rarely. What’s a “trigger warning”, some of you are wondering? It is an advance heads-up that a given post is likely to contain ideas, anecdotes, or other information that may trigger a negative emotional response, […]

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Real Quick: Remember, dramatic weight loss can kill you.

By | March 28, 2011

Apparently, we’ve become so culturally obsessed with dieting that we’re losing sight of some very basic biological realities. It’s chilling to realize that some folks need to be told that extreme weight loss can kill you—even if you are very fat, yes—but if the shocked horror with which this story is being met is any […]

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Short Cuts: Narcissism edition

By | March 25, 2011

I have this Tumblr account, and I rarely use it, mostly because the interface on the site gives me a particular pain in the thinking part of my head. It is terrible. And yet I find myself wandering over there periodically when The Shit Is Going Down, because I like to be tuned in to […]

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Helpful Tips: How not to be a boorish body-policing jerk.

By | March 22, 2011

Last week, a few of you alerted me to an article: The moments that make us fat, by CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen. I’m certain Elizabeth Cohen is a nice lady whose intentions are only positive, and yet, this little bit of health-writing fluff has made a whole bunch of people very angry. The […]

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Fat children are to blame for the economy, says Michelle Obama.

By | March 18, 2011

Edited to add: Comments that attack Michelle Obama or the President on broader political issues are off topic here and will be deleted. This is a discussion specific to Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity campaign, not the whole of American politics. Thank you for your compliance on this, my loves. Edited to add, part two: Yes, […]

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Walking (very, very slowly) in Fatworld

By | March 17, 2011

Fatworld was released by Persuasive Games waaaaay back in 2007, and funded by the US Corporation for Public Broadcasting—better known to you and me as PBS. There was some brief conversation about it in the fat blogosphere at the time, so when I ran across it again recently, entirely by accident, it was not unfamiliar […]

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On taking space/making space (Or, Why I am going to PAX)

By | March 10, 2011

I know a great many people have chosen not to attend PAX East this year, owing to recent events (i.e. because dickwolves), for a number of personal reasons. Some feel as though the space will be unavoidably anxiety-inducing. Some feel as though the event is now complicit in upholding cultural forces that they abhor. For […]

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Real Quick: The definition of insanity.*

By | March 9, 2011

Quelle suprise, y’all: it seems eating disorders are more common amongst teenagers than we thought, according to a new study published on Monday in the Archives of General Psychiatry. There are a few factors that make this study instructive, besides the increased rates themselves. First, the study found that boys and girls are equally at […]

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Short Cuts: Megan Tonjes, PAX East, & promises for the future.

By | March 8, 2011

First: I owe this blog a deep reading of the video for Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” I am aware. I am presently working on a Gaga-related essay (two, in fact) for a different project this week—one that actually has a deadline—but “Born This Way” is going to happen, rest assured, and I shall address […]

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Fat teenage angst 4ever: Huge on DVD

By | March 7, 2011

Last summer, ABC Family ran a little show with a very big heart, and that show was Huge. My newer readers may not be familiar with this series, as ABC Family’s promotion of it betrayed a total lack of understanding about what made the show great, and once it was over, the network declined to […]

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