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Drift: How to tell people they sound racist.

By | August 30, 2008

This is not fat-related, but it is race-related, which is obviously another important subject frequently touched on ’round these parts. What you’ll see, if you watch it, is some common-sense advice on how to address those inevitable racist statements or actions you may come upon in your travels through life (and the internets) in a […]

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Linkage: More on race & fat at Shapely Prose

By | August 24, 2008

Pay attention: there is an excellent and thought-provoking post over at Shapely Prose by guest blogger Occhiblu, who takes issue with an article uncritically linked on Junkfood Science on Friday. Sandy calling this article “profound” and explicitly linking it to weight-based discrimination in the U.S. is problematic, to say the least. Saying that this is […]

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Maybe I should put a photo of my “missing” hips on a milk carton…

By | August 22, 2008

Last week(ish), deciding, apparently, that I hadn’t been quite had my fill of being defeated and demoralized at my 9-5, I set out to try and find a pair of jeans. My less-than-stellar fitting lb & torrid pairs (acquired on my last trip to Minneapolis) were (and still are) rapidly disintegrating and I was getting […]

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Diary of a Mad Fattie

By | August 21, 2008

Juxtaposing Thoughts Day 1 What’s the difference between overweight and obese? I was on a website recently that had one of those goofy quizzes you’re supposed to fill out in order to determine who your best romantic match would be and this was asked of me. Am I fat or obese? Am I kind of […]

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STOP THE PRESSES: WLS not miracle fat cure after all

By | August 18, 2008

It’s in the media, therefore it must be true! My personal feelings on weight-loss surgery are hardly a secret and have been oft-repeated, both here and elsewhere. They are, in summation, that I do not begrudge anyone their individual rights to discrete and private decisions regarding their own bodies, but that on a political and […]

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Outfitblogging: The Wallflower

By | August 14, 2008

For years upon years I wore nothing but black. By this I don’t mean that I wore “a lot” of black, or that the majority of my wardrobe was black – I mean bloody everything was black. The most color you’d see on me was, maybe, if something had red stitching on it. The black […]

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101: On Being Fat and White

By | August 11, 2008

Note: This post was written partly as a result of my thoughts while catching up on discussions elsewhere about Julia’s excellent post here last week. Just so there’s context. Here’s the newsflash: Race affects me. I’m white. I’m white as white gets. My background is an even mixture of Anglo-Saxon and German. You’d probably be […]

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Mark Your Calendars! POC Caucus at NOLOSE!

By | August 6, 2008

I am helping facilitate the POC Caucus at this year’s NOLOSE, and I wanted to make the announcement to any folks who might be attending or thinking about attending! Here’s our workshop description: A supportive space for people of color at NOLOSE to mobilize, strategize, debrief, and discuss the intersections of race, fat, and other […]

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Fatness and Uplift: Not a Post about Push Up Bras

By | August 5, 2008

Although this post focuses on my being a fat woman of color, I’m going to begin by talking about my dad. My father’s way of thinking about life was deeply influenced by W.E.B. Du Bois and ideas of racial uplift and the talented tenth. His parents were part of the Great Migration and ended up […]

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