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[Guestblog] My Year in Dresses: A Tutorial and Reflections

By | August 21, 2009

[This has been cross-posted from The Pretty Year, another fabulous fashion blog. Go check it out!] About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to see what life would be like without pants. I was inspired by Lesley’s pantsless life, but I wasn’t so sure that I could pull it off. I had a […]

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The Curvy Collective and Full Figure Fashion Week

By | June 2, 2009

When Marie Denee, fashion blogger extraordinaire, approached about being a part of the upcoming Full Figure Fashion Week, we jumped at the chance! Co-founded by Marie and Johara Tucker of Luvin’ My Curves, the Curvy Collective is a group of plus size fashion bloggers and plus size magazines who will be attending and/or speaking […]

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Slut shaming and the politics of tight clothes

By | February 16, 2009

There is no shortage of slut bashing in this world. I remember one of the first times my mother told me that what I wanted to wear was inappropriate. I was about 8, and loved wearing bright colors and crazy patterns (clearly, not much has changed!). I had this gorgeous white ruffled tank top that […]

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On the heels of NOLOSE: a lesson on the intersections of fat, class, commerce, and race

By | October 2, 2008

There’s a health food take out place a couple doors down from my job. Their tagline is something like, “No fried foods, no mayonnaise, no soda, no butter, no bacon, no white bread.” Sad for them, but I usually just walk on by. Yesterday morning, several of their employees were handing out menus. We actually […]

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So timely! Everyday Actions: What does an ally do?

By | September 9, 2008

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Everyday Actions: What does an ally do? 100-400 words Deadline: September 20, 2008 Everyday Actions is looking for anecdotes about alliances. Momentary or lasting, who has supported you? How do we show up, for ourselves and for each other? I want to hear about a time you felt supported in a way […]

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Where are all the allies, and where do we go from here?

By | September 5, 2008

During the last few months, I’ve either witnessed or been a part of several fatosphere discussions/arguments that involved discussion about race, racism, and the points of intersection with fat. I’ve been meaning to write a piece about what good ally behavior might look like in these situations, but life got in the way. Unfortunately, the […]

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Mark Your Calendars! POC Caucus at NOLOSE!

By | August 6, 2008

I am helping facilitate the POC Caucus at this year’s NOLOSE, and I wanted to make the announcement to any folks who might be attending or thinking about attending! Here’s our workshop description: A supportive space for people of color at NOLOSE to mobilize, strategize, debrief, and discuss the intersections of race, fat, and other […]

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Walking the Talk

By | July 24, 2008

Ever since I wrote that article about people of color and the Fat Acceptance movement, I’ve been thinking more about what it is I’d like to see the white members of the FA community do to start working towards a truly intersectional analysis and framework. Yesterday, when someone linked to this right-on analysis (go read […]

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Beauty on the Outside

By | July 10, 2008

I just sent this to some of my NYC besties, but I wanted to share with y’all how incredibly excited I am about an appointment I have on Friday. Since I am a champion of the affordable beauty indulgence, tomorrow I’m getting an hour and a half facial for $27 at the Christine Valmy International […]

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Fat Women of Color Carnival: Call for Submissions

By | June 16, 2008

The inaugural Fat Women of Color Carnival will be held over at on July 23. The theme is general and open to anything pertaining to being a fat woman of color and our experiences in our communities, experiences on how our fat and bodies are racialized, myths about fat women of color, and so […]

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