The Curvy Collective and Full Figure Fashion Week

By | June 2, 2009

When Marie Denee, fashion blogger extraordinaire, approached about being a part of the upcoming Full Figure Fashion Week, we jumped at the chance!

Co-founded by Marie and Johara Tucker of Luvin’ My Curves, the Curvy Collective is a group of plus size fashion bloggers and plus size magazines who will be attending and/or speaking at Full Figure Fashion Week in New York City in late June. FFFW is hosting a wide range of events such as a welcome event on Thursday, June 25, a panel called “The State of the Curvy Community” on Friday the 26th, a dance party, a small business owners forum, and a Saturday morning shopping soiree! You can find the full schedule here. There’s a little something for everyone with a stake in the plus size fashion community.

I myself will be representing at the Emerging Designers Showcase & Networking Event and the State of the Curvy Community Panel. I’ll also be repping my wallet at the Shopping Soiree. Marie has promised us VIP access to these events, which isn’t a privilege I believe that I’ve ever had before, especially at a fashion event. Thrilling! So if you do stop by, please do come say hello. I’ll be the starry-eyed lady trying to stop herself from bursting with excitement! If that isn’t description enough for y’all, this is what I look like.

For me personally, one of the most exciting features of FFFW is that it’s being produced and run by fat women of color. As a fat WOC blogger, I’ve often felt alienated by the white women-centric fatosphere, so it’s great to be reminded in the flesh that fat community doesn’t just come in one color or medium.

Stay tuned for more updates and post-event roundups on Full Figure Fashion Week as it happens! And because that weekend is also concurrent with NYC Pride, expect me to be a little extra flamboyant!

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