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Thoughts on Girdles as Kink and Cultural Artifact

By | January 29, 2009

I have done something I swore I would never do again. I bought a girdle. Well, actually, a girdle and a pointy bra. But the girdle part is the part I had sworn off. I got these in black (probs NSFW). I’m buying them because I have been fantasizing about wearing a girdle and bullet […]

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FOUND: Fat Vajayjay Sex Toy!

By | January 29, 2009

IMPORTANT: None of the links in this post are worksafe. None of them, not even a little bit. Click them at your discretion/peril. April Flores, professional naked lady, has given the world something magical: a fully penetratable cyberskin cast of her snatch. Given that April Flores is unabashedly plus sized, and the flesh surrounding said […]

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Outfitblogging: The well is dry!

By | January 26, 2009

Click through to the Flickr version for outfit info. I’m smelling a sea change in the air, lately. I find that these shifts happen, from time to time, every couple of years. I’m talking about the coming Dress Plague. Witness: Lane Bryant’s current selection is astonishingly overpriced and even if it weren’t… well, I’ll stop […]

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Reading List: Photography (Fatography?) as Cure for Happiness

By | January 23, 2009

Yesterday, Salon published an interview with Carol Lay, author of the so-called “diet-book graphic memoir” The Big Skinny: How I Changed My Fattitude. Self-consciously clever wordplay aside, it is evidently less an illustrated personal story and more like a weight loss book with drawings. But I’m less interested in talking about the book, which I […]

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Outfitblogging: Abusing the Stevie Nicks Dress

By | January 21, 2009

Click through to the Flickr version for outfit info. I’ve told and retold this story several times now, but here it goes again: The morning I wore this above, I shut my dress in the back of my dress in the car door. And drove that way for several miles, until a nice gentleman in […]

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FOUND: Vintage Miss Piggy Cameo Pendant on Etsy

By | January 20, 2009

This is one of those things you don’t know you need until you find it: Ragtrader – an Etsy seller from whom I’ve purchased many lovely items, and who is also just fabulous about lengthening necklaces as needed for no additional charge – is currently offering necklaces made with vintage Miss Piggy cameos. Also, there […]

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Musical Interlude: Nina Simone

By | January 19, 2009

Anyone who knows me well knows that Nina Simone ranks among my top three favorite musical artists ever in the history of human existence. Thus, in the spirit of both Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, and the intersectional politics part of this blog, I submit for your consideration Simone’s beautiful tribute,: “Why? (The King of […]

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The shoe on the other foot

By | January 18, 2009

1. It’s a shame you’re so underweight. You have such a pretty face! 2. Maybe if you just made a lifestyle change, you know, eating more fat and getting less exercise, you wouldn’t be so underweight. 3. I’m just concerned about your health. Being as underweight as you obviously are is dangerous. 4. There is […]

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Featured Shop Review: Three dresses from SWAKdesigns

By | January 16, 2009

Awhile back, SWAKdesigns popped up as a subject of conversation on the Fatshionista community over on LiveJournal, as a relatively new and heretofore unknown option for plus-size clothing. Lots of folks seemed happy with it, and honestly, I looked at the site once or twice and then stopped, because it seemed like the offerings in […]

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with much love to xkcd…

By | January 15, 2009

Rarely am I a “think first, speak later” kind of person. If I could imagine an aura around my head it would be weather-centric. It would include a storm cloud and a bright sun, haze and possibly rain. It would be intense as often as not. Like Pigpen you could see me coming from miles […]

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