About the author

Lesley Kinzel has been engaging with body politics and social justice activism both as an academic and as an everyday upstart for over a decade. Lesley’s efforts to talk about fattery really loudly with as many people as possible have included writing for Newsweek and Marie Claire; being profiled in a feature article in the Boston Globe; having her blog twittered about by Roger Ebert; serving as a guest for a roundtable discussion on fat and culture for NPR’s On Point; and being honored by The Feminist Press as one of “40 Feminists Under 40” to watch out for. She blogs about body politics, popular culture, geek stuff and Lady Gaga videos at Two Whole Cakes, and supplies 50% of the fattery to Fatcast, a semi-regular podcast on body politics. (The estimable Marianne Kirby comprises the other 50%.)

Having narrowly escaped her home planet of South Florida at the tender age of 18, she currently resides in the Boston area with her husband and their cats.

Lesley is a regular contributor to xoJane.com and the author of a forthcoming book on radical fatassery in theory and practice, to be published by The Feminist Press in early 2012.

She can be reached via email at lesley [at] twowholecakes [dot] com.