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In which Lane Bryant is visited by the woodshed.

By | July 30, 2010

Update: Lane Bryant has apologized. So! Earlier today, it seems someone at the Lane Bryant Marketing Gulag fell asleep at the switch. Maybe they were hungover following a raucous night of obnoxious-print-draped debauchery. Maybe they were delirious from the smell of the chemicals out of which their clothing is made. Whatever the reason, someone thought […]

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Because this is what I do.

By | July 28, 2010

So I’ve been alive for thirty-three years now. When I reached plain old thirty, I was told by a great many folks that my thirties would be awesome, because their thirties were awesome, or were in the process of being awesome. I believe them. But my thirties — the three years by which I have […]

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Huge, Episode 5: “Walk her every day, into a shady place.”

By | July 27, 2010

Way back in the first episode, Ian and Will first bonded, as it were, over a shared appreciation for the Pixies. Somewhere, in one of the many interviews I’ve read (the best yet being this piece in The Advocate), producer Savannah Dooley comments that while the Pixies are as good a band to bond over […]

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ReBlog: Race affects me. And you too.

By | July 21, 2010

Kids, I’m bringing you the ultimate in lazy blogging: recycling my own words. I wrote the following in August of 2008, but I think it bears occasional repeating. In other news, I apologize for this joint being all-Huge all-the-time right now, but I’m juggling several projects at the moment. Your regularly-scheduled post-diversity should return soon. […]

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Huge, Episode 4: Playing at the Talent Show

By | July 20, 2010

Previously on Huge: Dr. Gina Torres doesn’t eat after dinner. A muffin mysteriously disappeared. Chloe’s got a girl boner for Trent. Will reluctantly wrote in her Camp Victory journal. It’s nighttime. Amber and Chloe are in the cabin rehearsing a dance routine to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s famous anthem for ass, “Baby Got Back”. It’s cute, but […]

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Huge, Episode 3: “I was never cool, in school / I’m sure you don’t remember me”

By | July 13, 2010

I don’t watch much television. I dislike that it requires me to sit still, and I dislike that while I am watching I am more or less captive until whatever I’m watching comes to a close. I find television a little claustrophobic and overly demanding. Sure, I can record shows on DVR and watch them […]

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“You have to walk out so far, and it never gets any deeper.”

By | July 12, 2010

In recent years I’ve come to prefer navy as my color of choice for swimwear. Partly because navy isn’t black, the standard swimsuit color for fat women, and partly because I think of navy as a charmingly retro — even outdated — color choice. My favorite swimsuit of last year was navy with an anchor […]

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Friday Miscellany: Things that don’t fit anywhere else.

By | July 9, 2010

So last night, Marianne and I hosted our first Chatty Fatty event, a loosely-planned and almost-entirely-improvised discussion about all kinds of fat-related subjects. I use the word “hosted” because we set it up, but once things got rolling it was a true group effort. Our huge thanks to everyone who turned out, whether you participated […]

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“…take the sandwich out of her mouth and go for a goddamn fucking walk”: On Olivia Munn, Feminism, and Cultural Criticism

By | July 8, 2010

Prior to this week, I never really had an opinion in regard to Olivia Munn, late of G4’s Attack of the Show and currently working to earn a permanent role as a Daily Show correspondent. I’d heard her name before, mostly from my husband, who is both a gamer and an aspiring game journalist, and […]

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Huge, Episode 2: I Don’t Want to Get Over You

By | July 6, 2010

My dear non-US readers: As with so many of my recapped shows, this series does not seem to be viewable (via legal means, at any rate) for those of you residing outside of the United States. I am sorry, but you are on your own for finding a viewing option that works for you. Folks […]

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