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Open Thread: Huge is over.

By | October 4, 2010

It seems that the result many of us dreaded most has come to pass: Huge has been canceled. We’ve lost not only a series that was of impressive quality by any standard, but some of the best, most sensitive, and most nuanced representations of diverse bodies and diverse people (not to mention being really, really […]

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Huge, Episode 10: “Regrets, I’ve had a few.”

By | August 31, 2010

Previously: There was angst. Boy howdy, was there ever. So much angst. Ian likes Amber. Will likes Ian. Amber likes George. George likes Amber, but doesn’t want to get fired. Or go to jail. In the woods, we come back to the place where we left off, and also where we began, with Will digging […]

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Huge, Episode 9: Standing here on this frozen lake.

By | August 24, 2010

It probably comes as a surprise to no one, at this point, that I like the fat boys. I also like the fat girls, but I am inclined to think that the sexualization of fat men’s (or male-identified) bodies tends to receive less attention than it does with the females. This is undoubtedly because women […]

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Huge, Episode 8: Survive the only way that you know.

By | August 17, 2010

Well, we are slowly winding down to the (hopefully temporary) finale. Truth be told, as much as I love recapping, I do look forward to getting back to blogging about other things, like Janelle Monae, and this dress from ASOS. Angst-O-Meter (1-5): 5 Previously: The campers weighed in. Some will win, some will lose, some […]

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Huge, Episode 7: “I could yank the life support on her illusion of allure.”

By | August 10, 2010

Angst-O-Meter (1-5): 4.5 Previously: We QUESTED. Will and Amber got lost. Will waged a battle with evil dumpster-donut kobolds and emerged victorious. George waged a battle with his inappropriate attraction to Amber and did lose that fight thoroughly. And in the center of it all stood the gravitational axis and emotional center of all this […]

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Huge, Episode 6: And the sky was made of amethyst.

By | August 4, 2010

    In between episodes, the journal entries of some of our campers appear, as if by magic, on the official Huge website. I’ve heard from a few commenters recently that these entries are written by Miz Dooley herself, and if that’s true, I suppose we can consider them canonical, if we have yet reached […]

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Huge, Episode 5: “Walk her every day, into a shady place.”

By | July 27, 2010

Way back in the first episode, Ian and Will first bonded, as it were, over a shared appreciation for the Pixies. Somewhere, in one of the many interviews I’ve read (the best yet being this piece in The Advocate), producer Savannah Dooley comments that while the Pixies are as good a band to bond over […]

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Huge, Episode 4: Playing at the Talent Show

By | July 20, 2010

Previously on Huge: Dr. Gina Torres doesn’t eat after dinner. A muffin mysteriously disappeared. Chloe’s got a girl boner for Trent. Will reluctantly wrote in her Camp Victory journal. It’s nighttime. Amber and Chloe are in the cabin rehearsing a dance routine to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s famous anthem for ass, “Baby Got Back”. It’s cute, but […]

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Huge, Episode 3: “I was never cool, in school / I’m sure you don’t remember me”

By | July 13, 2010

I don’t watch much television. I dislike that it requires me to sit still, and I dislike that while I am watching I am more or less captive until whatever I’m watching comes to a close. I find television a little claustrophobic and overly demanding. Sure, I can record shows on DVR and watch them […]

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Huge, Episode 2: I Don’t Want to Get Over You

By | July 6, 2010

My dear non-US readers: As with so many of my recapped shows, this series does not seem to be viewable (via legal means, at any rate) for those of you residing outside of the United States. I am sorry, but you are on your own for finding a viewing option that works for you. Folks […]

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