Open Thread: Huge is over.

By | October 4, 2010

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Like another one-season show with fat people.

It seems that the result many of us dreaded most has come to pass: Huge has been canceled. We’ve lost not only a series that was of impressive quality by any standard, but some of the best, most sensitive, and most nuanced representations of diverse bodies and diverse people (not to mention being really, really awesomely queer) seen on TV in recent memory. I feel really lucky to have produced some damn definitive recaps for this show, and to have felt a part of it, even if that only happened in my head.

This thread is for folks to post their sadness, rage, battle cries, or whatever else you feel like.

Come join us at the wake.

ETA: Shannon of Fierce Fatties has started a Save Huge group on Facebook, whence a letter-writing offensive shall soon be mounted. Check it out here. While I don’t know Shannon well, he’s struck me as one of the more tenacious people on the fatosphere.

ETA 2: Jezebel is taking the road well-traveled and has launched a petition to keep Huge, uh, rolling along (sorry, I had to).

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