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review(let): Rising Sun Dress etsy seller SelenaEon

By | March 27, 2009

A month or so ago, a friend linked me to SelenaEon’s etsy shop and I was immediately besotten with her designs–she’s got, IMHO, a sort of slouchy urban streetwear meets casual patchwork raver futurism thing going on–constructed entirely from organic/recycled/repurposed materials. For reference purps, I’m a size 18/20 on top and anywhere from a 20/22/24 […]

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I got love for B & Lu; But it’s tough love.

By | March 26, 2009

Several weeks ago, before I vanished on vacation, the good people at B & Lu contacted me about reviewing some of their fine wares. Sure, I said, always happy to test drive a new dress in the interest of making sure y’all are well informed about fatshion. I chose a couple of items and, working […]

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Housekeeping: True Story

By | March 25, 2009

Firstly: the Fatshionista Twitter feed is being revived through the combined efforts of myself (insofar as remembering it exists) and the inimitable etana, who has fully embraced the art of blogging things in 140 words or less. Prior to today it hadn’t been updated in nearly a year, but if you’re into Twitter you should […]

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Death Fat: The last ten years

By | March 18, 2009

Big news, y’all; according to a new study, it turns out being fat will kill you. I know, I was shocked too. Gary Whitlock, possibly not a real doctor, asserts: “Obesity causes kidney disease, liver disease and several types of cancer, but the most common way it kills is by causing stroke and, most importantly, […]

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Reading List: Meghan McCain, Unexpectedly Broad-Minded (If Not Broad-Assed)

By | March 16, 2009

Via Jezebel, Meghan McCain responds to attacks on her weight both on The Daily Beast and on The View. The backstory to this is that Meghan McCain, daughter of Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, recently posted to her blog on The Daily Beast with some disparaging comments about Ann Coulter, and how McCain believes Coulter […]

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Fantasy Shopping: Ronald McDonald Edition

By | March 11, 2009

I am behind on everything lately. I owe responses to two-week-old emails; I have things from both B & Lu and SWAKdesigns to review. And yet here I am, fantasy shopping. Something about this dress is just screaming at me. Possibly it’s that the light cottony sundressy flounciness that represents springtime, which I have on […]

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Your apocalypse is here, and she’s wearing silver lamé

By | March 6, 2009

I’m now the proud owner of these high-waisted lamé shorts (in silver dots/back) and I intend on wearing them… IN PUBLIC. My birthday theme this year is “the future” which i’m choosing to interpret as amped-up-hipster-meets-ziggy-stardust with a bit of superhero twist. (the beauty of this theme is that it is very, VERY, LOOSE). Lamé-curious […]

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For the love of Ross; Also, some links.

By | March 3, 2009

Click through to the Flickr version for outfit info. My long silence is explained! I’ve been off on holiday in Florida, hence the mirror photo above. My vacation was fabulous in spite of the fact that Disney-licensed Crocs were, hilariously enough, involved (I wonder how many people will never trust anything I say about style […]

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