Fantasy Shopping: Ronald McDonald Edition

By | March 11, 2009

I am behind on everything lately. I owe responses to two-week-old emails; I have things from both B & Lu and SWAKdesigns to review.

And yet here I am, fantasy shopping.

Red flouncey dress from

Something about this dress is just screaming at me. Possibly it’s that the light cottony sundressy flounciness that represents springtime, which I have on good authority will eventually happen, though I’m so thoroughly burned out on grey winter that it is difficult to cling to the hope. As an aside, I understand that eShakti has recently revised their sizing charts; if anyone has ordered using the new standards, I’d love to hear your experience. The above dress comes in standard sizes to 26W, or custom-sized at additional cost.

Faux wrap dress from Jessica London

Jessica London is hit or miss most of the time, but I love the idea of this dress. It meets my non-knit, natural-fibers standards easily, and the gathering and the full skirt are very much my style. Of course, it could fit like crap; there’s no reviews posted yet, and as a general rule I find the reviews on the Jessica London site (or either of the other Redcats plus-size catalogs, Roaman’s and Woman Within) wildly helpful in determining how something’s going to fit, or what the fabric is really like. The above dress is available up to a size 28W, and for the people not so into red, it also comes in light aqua, pale grassy green, and always-appropriate black.

A note on color:

Me = Ronald McDonald

I love red and yellow together. I don’t apologize for it. I know it makes everybody in the Western world think of Ronald McDonald but I don’t give a damn. I LOVE IT. Which partly explains why I want these shoes so badly.

Yellow clogs, for wearing with red dresses!

These amazing Swedish Hasbeens clogs actually come in many colors, but the hyper-saturated yellow speaks to me personally the loudest. Unfortunately, at nearly $200, these are not shoes I will be acquiring anytime soon. BC Footwear makes a cheaper alternative in these yellow t-strap flats, which, seriously, probably the last thing I need is another pair of yellow shoes, but maaaan, they are cute.

Speaking of things way out of my price range…

Zooey frames, from Oliver Peoples

I have a thing about glasses. I love them. I have a ridiculous number of frames. After wearing contact lenses exclusively for most of my life, a couple of years ago I gave them up cold turkey and returned to the loving plastic embrace of actual real glasses, and I’m much happier as a result, both because cool frames are fun accessories (and if you buy them online, affordable ones at that), and because my eyeballs don’t hurt all the damn time anymore. The frames pictured above are the result of a collaboration between Zooey Deschanel and Oliver Peoples, and they’re just stunningly beautiful. They’re also a little on the pricey side (though not outrageous for designer prescription frames) at $415 (and admirably, part of the proceeds do go toward a domestic violence intervention program). If you can do without the TV-actress pedigree, similarly retro styles can be had more inexpensively from the good people at Shuron, who make the glasses I personally wear every damn day of the week.

Is there anything in particular you’re obsessing over for the spring? Please do share it in comments. Because clearly I don’t have enough stuff to lust after already.

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