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Fluff: Kirstie Alley’s Twitter Wisdom

By | January 29, 2010

First, I have a couple bits of housekeeping: This week’s Unstapled recap will go up on Monday. So try to catch one of the ten billion repeats over the weekend if you want. Also, on Wednesday I updated the Museum of Fat Love for the first time in, embarrassingly, a couple months. My sincere apologies […]

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Q & A: On dressing femme, being a “bad fat”, and changing the FA blogosphere.

By | January 28, 2010

Unimaginably, I am still accepting and answering questions over at my formspring page; we are at 64 as of this posting. If you’ve yet to participate, I invite you to pose a question of your own. Below are three recent questions and answers. Q. I want to wear dresses and heels, but I always end […]

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Q & A: Vegetables galore, and the Great LJ Exodus.

By | January 25, 2010

I am still answering questions over at, and will probably continue to do so until y’all run out of things to ask. So get thee to questioning! Below are two recent questions and answers. Q. I’m aware that you enjoy fresh produce immensely. What are your favorite vegetables and what is your favorite way […]

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By | January 23, 2010

I mostly spent the past two months wearing a lot of black and therefore being unmotivated to take outfit pictures. I’m currently trying to get back into the habit. Bigger versions and specifics after the jump. Brown dress is from eShakti; yellow & taupe snake-print cardi is from Marshalls; purple tights from We Love Colors; […]

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Unstapled, Episode 2: Carnie Got Back

By | January 22, 2010

Previously: Carnie set herself up as the cocaine supplier to a local dealer. Oh, apologies, what I meant to say was Carnie successfully convinced a baked-goods shop to sell her baked goods. See, last week Dallas told us that food is the same thing as cocaine so I got confused. Also, Carnie was harrassed by […]

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Q & A: On finding a non-despicable workout routine.

By | January 19, 2010

My project forges onward, tall and proud! If you have a question, anonymous or otherwise, there’s still time to ask. Two of the more common ones I’ve been getting are variations on “why are you awesome?” (I’m not! I don’t know! Lesley is flustered by compliments!) and “when will you write a book?” (soon, […]

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Unstapled, Episode 1: Everything’s coming up Carnie.

By | January 18, 2010

I’ve written about Carnie Wilson, albeit somewhat savagely, before. When I first heard about her new reality show, Unstapled, I immediately thought about recapping it, given the crazy positive response to my recaps of More to Love last year. I was on the fence, however, mostly because it seems to have a clear weight-loss component, […]

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Friday Drift: A long introduction to a link to a much better post.

By | January 15, 2010

Something you should know about me is that when I was eighteen and preparing to leave the enveloping but mundane warmth of my lifelong home in South Florida for the brilliant chilly intellectualism of Boston, all I wanted to be when I grew up was a filmmaker. I had all these stories to tell, you […]

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Q & A: To the sixteen-year-olds of the world.

By | January 14, 2010

So it seems my new hobby as a fat advice columnist is coming along swimmingly. I’m especially fond of the Q & A below, and want to thank the anonymous person who posed the question to me. If you have a question, or want to read the rest of the questions I’ve answered, you can […]

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Q & A: On not calling myself a feminist, and “condoning” fatness.

By | January 12, 2010

Last week, on a whim, I set up a page over on Formspring, fully expecting not to get much interest. Hells bells, was I ever wrong. Apparently lots of folk have questions, and I’ve been cheerfully answering them. Below are two excerpts; you can also read the rest, or ask me a question of your […]

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