Fluff: Kirstie Alley’s Twitter Wisdom

By | January 29, 2010

First, I have a couple bits of housekeeping: This week’s Unstapled recap will go up on Monday. So try to catch one of the ten billion repeats over the weekend if you want. Also, on Wednesday I updated the Museum of Fat Love for the first time in, embarrassingly, a couple months. My sincere apologies to those who’ve had submissions languishing in email limbo since then; I am getting through them now. If you want to be included, please send your story and picture to submissions@twowholecakes.org and I promise it won’t sit there for weeks this time. Thanks, my loves.

Now, on to the meat, or fluff, of this post.

Whether you love her or hate her—or both—Kirstie Alley gets mad props from me for maintaining such a ferociously loyal fan base, considering for the past several years she’s mostly famous for being fat, or for being not-fat, or for not wanting to be fat. I also enjoy her often-sweet, occasionally-deranged, and always-hilarious Twitter feed. Like all good camp, what makes Kirstie’s offerings so appealing is their absolute sincerity. She means this stuff. She means it hardcore. She may be the last surviving optimist in this bitter burned-out world. And even though I think her fat-hating inclinations—only rarely in evidence on her Twitter feed, to be fair—are a damn shame, I appreciate her candor and her, well, colorfulness. This is sort of what I imagine everyone in California to be like. Hence, I’m bringing y’all a semi-weekly, until-I-get-bored-with-it fluff column reproducing some of her choicest moments, emphatic capslock intact.

I proudly present, without further comment: five examples of Kristie Alley’s Twitter Wisdom, for the week of January 24, 2010.

Kirstie's thoughts on love

Four more after the jump.

Kirstie's thoughts on Lady Gaga.

Kirstie's thoughts on parenting.

Kirstie's thoughts on fat living.

Kirstie's thoughts on God, or Jamie Foxx. Or both.

Have a lovely weekend, fats.

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