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By | March 3, 2009


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My long silence is explained! I’ve been off on holiday in Florida, hence the mirror photo above. My vacation was fabulous in spite of the fact that Disney-licensed Crocs were, hilariously enough, involved (I wonder how many people will never trust anything I say about style again, owing to that little confession?), because I also got to go to Ross, AKA Ross Dress for Less, aptly named for reliably having a huge selection of dresses, even in plus sizes (up to 3X or a 24W, generally-speaking). We don’t have Rosses this far north, alas, though I grew up with them as a kid in Florida. I have unsurprisingly returned to Boston with a truly ridiculous number of cheery printed sundresses (mostly Speed Control/Mlle Gabrielle/other-Blue-Plate-clone brands) for a maximum of $15 each, when I’d pay easily two or three times that from

I know some folk don’t think much of Ross, and it’s true the stores can be disorganized and unkempt, but maaaan, it’s all worth it to so fully satisfy my passionate dress desires. If you can deal with the occasional smudge of shopdirt and having to stand in line for twenty minutes to make your purchases (UNIVERSALLY TRUE!) and you are out for dresses, then I’d suggest giving Ross a chance. Sadly, everything not on the dress racks was sort of crappy, but considering the alternative is Marshalls or TJ Maxx, which rarely carry any plus-size dresses at all, then I can live with that.

In other news, via the Fatshionista LJ community, it turns out Forever 21 is launching a plus size line on May 1, to be called Faith 21. (An aside to any F21 marketing/branding folks who might be reading: why “Faith”? I am dying to know.)

More than that, it’s evidently fatty-fashion week at the LA times, which has two (YES TWO OMG) other interesting pieces on plus-size “designer” fashion (or the lack thereof) up right now. Read them here and here.

Finally, Lane Bryant has taken up twittering. Weird? Useful? This strikes me as more odd, personally, as Lane Bryant’s current dumpy-or-dull offerings are hardly speaking to the mostly-youthful Twitter audience. Or maybe it’s a positive sign of things to come.

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