review(let): Rising Sun Dress etsy seller SelenaEon

By | March 27, 2009

A month or so ago, a friend linked me to SelenaEon’s etsy shop and I was immediately besotten with her designs–she’s got, IMHO, a sort of slouchy urban streetwear meets casual patchwork raver futurism thing going on–constructed entirely from organic/recycled/repurposed materials.

For reference purps, I’m a size 18/20 on top and anywhere from a 20/22/24 bottom. 48-43-55. 5′3. 250 pounds. 8-shaped.

I ordered the Rising Sun Dress (ready-to-wear tagged Xl-2X). Here it is, sans my trademark EXCESSories, to demo the fit.

collage for fats

click to view larger sizes at my flickr stream

(I have no idea how I achieved the sleek, SWINTONesque hair helmet in the furthest photo on the left, since I took all of those views one after another and my hair was curly the whole time. That is the power of SWINTON, who flows through all fashion, space, and time!)

Since the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series is my style/colour concept for spring, I styled it thusly:


scarf by addition-elle, tights are welovecolors, brooch is holt lastcall, purple microsuede boots from sterling.

I love it to bits. The dress is made of swatches of tee shirts, making it one of the most comfortable garments my fat has had the pleasure of being enveloped in. Since it is impeccably constructed–all the seams are carefully serged–it wears extremely well, retaining its shape/structure in a way I thought nigh impossible for the tee shirt dress. (jersey, being, as it is, notorious for relaxing & sacking out on the job. I think of it as the frustrating-as-it-is-lovable slacker of fabrics!)

Since I received the dress, SelenaEon has added more ready-to-wear and customizable items up to 3x throughout her shop. However, she is charging more for these items in plus sizes–up to an additional $15, more. Points about the increased cost of materials/pattern-making required for plus sizes aside, some may find this to be a bit of sad pandaface–or maybe even a deal-breaker–when you consider that other etsy sellers–like Jane Bonbon–charge the same price for every available size.

All and all, I’m quite pleased, and would most definitely purchase more of Eon’s unique designs in the future.

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