Friday Miscellany: Things that don’t fit anywhere else.

By | July 9, 2010

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So last night, Marianne and I hosted our first Chatty Fatty event, a loosely-planned and almost-entirely-improvised discussion about all kinds of fat-related subjects. I use the word “hosted” because we set it up, but once things got rolling it was a true group effort. Our huge thanks to everyone who turned out, whether you participated or not. We hope to do these regularly in the near future, hosted over on the Two Whole Cakes domain, and to make chat logs available. And next time, we’ll promote it more, don’t worry.

Lady Gaga opened her Today Show concert set today with the great Gershwin standard, “Someone to Watch Over Me”.

I am now semi-obsessed with the idea of Gaga putting out an album of Gershwin covers. It’s like two of my favorite musical things coming together in the unlikeliest circumstances.

My current oxford fixation long predates Janelle Monae’s video for “Tightrope”, though that certainly didn’t help. Goldenponies on Etsy makes oxfords in a rainbow of colors, combinations, and styles, at reasonable prices. Sizes over 10 are available for an additional $3. I’ve just ordered a pair of silver oxfords myself, so I can’t speak personally to the experience yet, but their feedback is excellent.

Silver Oxfords by Goldenponies on Etsy

Adorable, right?

In Huge news, the ABC Family site has been sharing glimpses from the characters’ journals. From Will’s, after the first episode:

I hope Rand [AKA Dr. Gina Torres -L] doesn’t think I’m now going to get all gung-ho about camp and start opening up in sharing circle about how I secretly YEARN to shed my fat-cocoon and emerge from this summer a beautiful butterfly. I’m not gonna forget they’re making money off us and everything that’s screwed up about that (like the fact that they even let in girls like A and C with crazy body image issues). That is My Promise To me. I feel like as long as I don’t lose my mind and start obsessing over my OMG FAT (OHNOES), I’ll be alright. It’s not like the exercise can hurt me (except I am sore as hell). And there are a few good things about this place. Ian for one. I doubt I’d meet anyone as cool as him staying at my uncle’s place. Or anywhere. And the girls in my cabin (well, most of them) are pretty okay.

And from Amber’s, after the second episode:

Some of the people here are really big. Bigger than I can ever imagine getting. I feel kind of weird around them. I’m not sure what they think when they look at me. Everyone is really nice (except Will obvs), I just feel guilty I guess. For feeling relieved that I’m not that big, and also for feeling like I’d die if I ever was. I don’t get how Will can be the way she is — I mean so proud and not caring about how fat she is. I used to think it was an act, but I’m not sure anymore. My biggest fear used to be that I’d start believing what my mom says, that I’m not really fat, and that would be worse because then I’d be a fat girl who didn’t know it. But it’s not like Will doesn’t know. She just doesn’t care.

Not only do these little peeks into the characters’ thoughts flesh them out further, but they display a stunning amount of insight into the complicated nature of self acceptance and body issues. I am now pretty well convinced that the show’s creators have done a significant amount of research into fat acceptance; I’d like to believe these ideas could turn up in a vacuum, but I seriously doubt it. And, of course, there’s the fact that Will is basically styled to be Marianne’s twin, blue hair and all.

Have a swell weekend, kids.

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