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[Guestblog] Boobage. Yes that.

By | March 9, 2010

I walked into a commonly-loathed fatshion store and tried on the 2 bras offered to me. They came in black and beige with polyester all over. Struggling to squish my tits into one, then the other cup was like playing chicken with the fat kid on top. It just so happened that of the two […]

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[Guestblog] The Politics of Side Boob

By | October 28, 2009

There’s a quaint little shop that’s opened up in my ‘hood that I’ve discovered I enjoy. Though it has no knowledge of two whole cakes it does carry whatever my fellow hoodlums sell or trade in. In bright green and annoying font I passed by grudgingly, surely they’d have nothing for me. I had just […]

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[Guestblog] When two whole cakes ain’t enough arsenal…

By | September 29, 2009

I was leaning against a sign that read “Bus Stops Here” and jamming to some Dresden Dolls, my trusty guide dog sitting politely at my left leg. He laid down impatiently as the minute hands ticked and still no bus in sight. Then, out of what most docs wouldn’t call peripheral vision I spotted a […]

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What Fat Hairs You have

By | July 1, 2009

Fatshionism as it stands generally relates to fashion in a fat way. Fashion as it is understood generally relates to clothing and apparel. Hair as it stands on my head is not generally fat or fashionable. It’s organic and grown myself, thank you very much. So why do I feel the need to talk about […]

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making accessories work

By | June 10, 2009

I love cleavage. I love that one of the most recent Fatshionista Twitter questions involving summer accessories involved queenbbb admitting that cleavage was a favorite summer accessory. I agree, summer cleavage makes me and Regina Spektor happy. There’s so much to it; how to get the right pusher-upper bra if you want a particular look, […]

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On How I learned to love mascara…

By | May 27, 2009

I walked into the small cosmetics shop squinting at the fluorescent lighting and hoping for the best. I had the most fabulous fatshionista I could find and was clinging to her arm for dear life. Anything would be better than my current boi look swept up into my roots as shade from the blind femme […]

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Diverse Fats: a call to action

By | May 21, 2009

There’s a show that’s long-since expired (I do believe) that had a great theme song, You’re Not The Boss of Me. The jingle is playing in my brain as I type this. As I sipped my afternoon soda and prepared for a weekend of fun and dirt, I read the most recent Shapely Prose post. […]

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Nom nom no….m.

By | May 8, 2009

I was piled under blankets and sheets and could not move. I couldn’t lift my leg, my arm, couldn’t turn over to turn off the alarm. I was stuck under the weight of my own brain telling my body to disappear for a while. Squinty-eyed and full of snot I over-shot and hit the alarm […]

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I should tell you I should tell you…

By | April 17, 2009

I weigh 242 pounds more or less. I stopped checking whenever hospitals required my presence because the number they’d repeat (happily or not) would send my mind into a spin. Too large? I couldn’t eat for a week. Too small? Sweet, I succeed at life! Same as before? How lazy am I, how many burgers […]

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we’re sorry but your princess is in another castle…

By | April 13, 2009

When I was 7 years old I got a Nintendo game system (NES) from my uncle. It was the one that had Duck Hunt and Mario Bros. and you shot and stomped your way through laughing dogs and fire-breathing flowers. Hooked up to an old plastic-wood-paneled television set in my mother’s bedroom, the NES brought […]

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