What Fat Hairs You have

By | July 1, 2009

Fatshionism as it stands generally relates to fashion in a fat way. Fashion as it is understood generally relates to clothing and apparel. Hair as it stands on my head is not generally fat or fashionable. It’s organic and grown myself, thank you very much. So why do I feel the need to talk about fat hair?

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who for a while kept her hair butcher-shop short. She liked ¼ inch on top and some dangly earrings to boot. As her face has filled up with some much-earned fat she has let her hair grow longer and shaggier. When I asked why, it was because of the fat. Her face, she decided could no longer do well with the short spiky ‘do of her thinner days. While she wasn’t a fan of her new fat hair, she donned it with fat resignation and a promise to eat healthier tomorrow.

I thought about my own hair journey. I’ve never really felt at home with my kinky Jew hair so I’ve made it a point to fuck with it as much as possible. Long, short, shaved, fuscia, curled, flat-ironed, etc. You get the picture. I’ve never really worried about the flow of my hair and face, never really thought about whether my hair was fat-complimenting enough. Rather I attacked my hair like a separate beast of my body, the same way I tattooed my right arm and pierced my lip.

While dissecting our body parts into parts may not be the healthiest way to go about it (who said I was healthy?) I wonder what we as fatties, fatlettes and fat-allies would look like from the neck up if we stopped worrying about the neck down, the scale and/or the size of our shirts and pants. Would it suddenly be preposterous to claim some hairstyles “too fat” for some faces or would tiny faces suddenly get frizzy mops of joy? Would the hair industry change labels and would stylists stop tisking about cheeks, chins and nose lengths?

Note: a quick Google image hunt showed lots of non-fat hairs, I’d like to see some fat hairs. Please post yours! Fatshionista’s flickr is here or you can link to your own image hosting blog/site. ROCK THE FAT HAIR.

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