Outfitblogging: Prim Safari

By | July 7, 2009


Click through to Flickr version for outfit info.

In spite of having a few posts in the works on a few different subjects, I’m just having a dickens of a time finishing anything lately. It could be the long-in-coming summer weather finally taking shape here in Boston, but the last thing I’ve felt like doing is basking in the glow of an LCD monitor when there’s perfectly good sunlight outside. Thus, I find myself cobbling together fluffy style posts to keep the content flowing until I can get anything substantive finished.

I ordered the above dress on clearance from the One Stop Plus menagerie, in both the pictured khaki and in black. It really is a dreadful dress. It was a good four inches longer when I received it (really) and the collar ends were tacked down. And it wrinkles if you look at it sideways. BUT, it’s cotton. And I can sew. Therefore I knew I’d be able to salvage it. It’s surprising (and yet not) how often I have to do this with my clothes – so much of what comes in my size is bad-frumpy (as opposed to my preferred flavor of good-frumpy) and ill-fitting and poorly-made. It’s become a matter of course for me to assume that everything I buy will need a tweak here or there.

The above is also the next chapter in the unfolding Desert Boots & Dresses saga. I feel like I often tread a line between stylish and costumey, and the above is dipping a little to the costume side (hence my Flickr caption: “I’m going on a really prim safari!”) but it’s still working for me, and I admit that occasionally I do look back on prior outfit pictures and think, “Ehhh, no, that was not my best moment.” I do, honestly, enjoy fashion that veers into costume more often than not, since fashion meant to blend in or follow trends bores me.


On that note, I was pretty pleased to notice yesterday that Endless.com (that’s heroin for shoe junkies) is now carrying a selection of Re-Mix Vintage repro shoes. I’ve been salivating over the multitude of offerings on the Re-Mix website (way more shoes there, be warned) forever, but I do tend to be iffy about ordering from new websites. Plus, well, they’re on the expensive side . They make for delicious eye candy even so. Anyone own a pair of Re-Mix shoes? Let us know about quality and fit in comments.

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