FOUND: Fat Vajayjay Sex Toy!

By | January 29, 2009

IMPORTANT: None of the links in this post are worksafe. None of them, not even a little bit. Click them at your discretion/peril.

April Flores, professional naked lady, has given the world something magical: a fully penetratable cyberskin cast of her snatch. Given that April Flores is unabashedly plus sized, and the flesh surrounding said vag is appropriately ample, this is a pretty fascinating bit of fat news. Bizarre has a piece about the toy’s creation, as well as thoughts on it from Flores herself, plus a photo gallery of the casting process. For images of the item in question in all its plastic-packaged glory, you can head over to Flores’ blog.

I imagine one’s reaction to this will be profoundly colored by one’s level of comfort and familiarity with sex toys in general. While there’s something to be said for the problematic nature of cutting chicks up into consumable pieces and sections, overall I personally think this is pretty nifty in a more superficial sense. Plus, it really does look just like a fat (albeit hairless) cooter. Representation?

Worth nothing: fat chicks, even ones made of space-age polymers, are not cheap dates. Flores’ plastic passion flower will run you about US$320 with shipping.

(A slight tangent, but also worth nothing: this may be one of the single most useful web resources ever. I can’t be the only person who has wished for such an authoritative collection more than once.)

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