Fatshionista World Domination Threat: IMMINENT

By | June 2, 2009

Over the past couple of days, Fatshionista.com has been featured in pieces in the New York Times, what looks to be a lifestyle/magazine site in China, and an Italian women’s-issues blog. (Also on Jezebel for the second time in two weeks, though they misspelled the site name again. Ha. Oh, but I do enjoy Jezebel.)

Is all this internet exposure not enough? Well, my flabby little lambs, I’m happy to report that the NYC-dwelling amongst you will have a rare opportunity to see me and my death fat in 3D (thanks to the Boston reading attendee who put it so succinctly) along with the excellent Kate Harding of Shapely Prose and the inimitable Marianne Kirby of The Rotund, at a Lessons From The Fatosphere book event taking place at Re/Dress NYC this Friday evening. Browsing and shopping begins at 6:30pm, and the reading should start around 8:00pm. Post-reading I will be cheerfully accepting gifts of cake (there must be two) but in the absence of that I would just love to meet as many New York readers as possible.

And maybe, just maybe, the spirit will move me to tell you all about Fat Satan with maximum dramatic effect. But I promise nothing.

Lessons From the Fatosphere Book Event
Friday, June 5
Re/Dress NYC
109 Boerum Place
Brooklyn, NY
between Pacific + Dean
f/g train to Bergen Street stop
Shopping at 6:30, reading begins at 8.

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