Diary of a Mad Fattie

By | August 21, 2008

Juxtaposing Thoughts
Day 1

What’s the difference between overweight and obese? I was on a website recently that had one of those goofy quizzes you’re supposed to fill out in order to determine who your best romantic match would be and this was asked of me. Am I fat or obese? Am I kind of healthy or just downright beggin’ for death by explosion?

I finished the lil quiz like a good little cubicle whore and waited for my results. In the mean time I ate a piece of chocolate. I think I should have clicked “obese” since eating is obviously a cruise for a bruise.

When my results came in I discovered that I was fat enough to feed 52 cannibals. This would be due in part to the massive amount of massive on my bones. Glad to know I can be helpful in times of famine. I continued eating my chocolate.

I wanted to re-take the quiz and click “obese” to see if anything changed. It didn’t. So what’s up with that?! Does the quizmaster really make a differentiation between fat and obese or is it just another little pinch at fatties……

Would you click “obese” instead of fat? Does it need to be a separate (but equal?!) category in order to get a point across? Is “obese” going to become one of those reclaimed-for-empowerment words or was this merely a microcosm of ignorant interwebs socialization and communication? Or should we continue this thread?

I vote for “female” or “bitch.”

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