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Fatcast LIVE!

By | April 1, 2011

Did I mention this is happening? There is a Facebook event page for it and everything! It’s taking place the same weekend as NYC’s storied and magnificent Fat Girl Flea Market, so if you’re going to be in town for that, you’ll have the chance to kill two fat birds with one very fat stone. […]

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Miscellany: A tale of first-class flying, a new Fatcast, and a Huge game-changer.

By | June 24, 2010

On our flight back from Los Angeles, a red-eye arriving in Boston at 5AM, I wrangled a couple of heavily-discounted first class upgrades. For the past, oh, six years or so, I’ve only flown Jet Blue, an airline so delightfully egalitarian that it does not have a first class. For this flight we took Virgin […]

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Reading List: Links, commentary, and Cobb Salad.

By | June 10, 2010

Golda at Body Love Wellness has the first of a three-part interview with Kai Hibbard, former finalist on The Biggest Loser, a show which I have recently disparaged on this blog: You get poked and prodded by complete strangers and nobody will tell you a single thing about what’s going on. And that point was […]

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Two fat ladies, and several serif fonts.

By | May 27, 2010

My dear Marianne wanted Fatcast flyers to take to Wiscon this weekend, and so I rapidly assembled the glorified CS2 font-sampler above as a quarter-sheet flyer. Since I brought it up, how are you digging the podcast so far? We’ve covered the doctor, fatshion, and an assemblage of minor political points, including life as a […]

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Outfitblog, & a Fatcast update.

By | May 7, 2010

Bigger versions and specifics after the jump. Dress from eShakti, purple & black leopard print cardigan from Marshalls, green & black scarf from Marshalls, black t-straps by Nina Dolls. Dress by Nine West, by way of Ross; grey & white spotted cardi from Old Navy; purple jacket from Lane Bryant; pocketwatch from eBay; gold flats […]

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Miscellany: A new podcast (already); weight loss not a game-changer; and I cannot stop watching this video.

By | April 28, 2010

Marianne and I made another mini podcast last night on the idea of the “Fatosphere”. (Also, “scare quotes”.) You can either listen or download via the web; or if you haven’t already, you can subscribe via iTunes. In it, we failed to say thank you for the tremendous offering of kudos and support from y’all, […]

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It’s Alive: We join our intrepid heroes as they venture cautiously into the world of podcasting.

By | April 26, 2010

So Marianne, who likes to be fat over at The Rotund, and I have many conversations that result in many ideas, more ideas than we have time to follow through on, unfortunately. Among them is Marianne’s suggestion awhile back that she and I do some kind of video-based fat-conversatin’ adventure. We both did research on […]

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