Two fat ladies, and several serif fonts.

By | May 27, 2010

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Fatcast flyer!

My dear Marianne wanted Fatcast flyers to take to Wiscon this weekend, and so I rapidly assembled the glorified CS2 font-sampler above as a quarter-sheet flyer.

Since I brought it up, how are you digging the podcast so far? We’ve covered the doctor, fatshion, and an assemblage of minor political points, including life as a fat goth in the 90s. Our next episode — which we recorded last week and will be posted as soon as I finish editing it — deals with language and the idea of “safe space”; the episode after that, recorded last night, discusses how fat-hating culture can lead us to question reality. This Sunday we’ll be recording an episode on Fat Travel, with Marianne (and possible guest star) joining in from her Wiscon hotel room.

The truth is, we began this endeavor on a bit of a whim, and have been truly shocked at the positive response to what is, in essence, a live, often-spur-of-the-moment conversation recorded and slapped up on the internets with almost no editing. I do have a long list of topics I’d like to cover in the future — everything from going to gym to eating as a political act to “fat allies” — but I also want to know what y’all want to get out of this podcast. What subjects do you hope to hear about? Are you interested in us doing interviews with topical individuals? (For example, we’re trying to work up a time to do an interview with Lucie of LucieLu on the joys and sorrows of trying to run a small online plus-size clothing shop.) Do you like it just the way it is and want us to change nothing?

My sincere thanks, as always, to all of you who read and listen and comment (or don’t comment). You make me a better communicator and activist and I continue to be humbled and amazed that the media I make is of value to some folks.

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