It’s Alive: We join our intrepid heroes as they venture cautiously into the world of podcasting.

By | April 26, 2010

So Marianne, who likes to be fat over at The Rotund, and I have many conversations that result in many ideas, more ideas than we have time to follow through on, unfortunately. Among them is Marianne’s suggestion awhile back that she and I do some kind of video-based fat-conversatin’ adventure. We both did research on how to make this happen, and came up with a bunch of complicated limitations. So last week I suggested, hey, why don’t we just do this as an audio-only podcast? I’ve always wanted a podcast!

And Marianne said, Yeah! I’ve always wanted a podcast too!

Somehow the stars aligned and on the past Saturday morning, we managed to make it happen. We’re tenatively calling it The Two Whole Cakes Fatcast and our first episode, Exposure!, which deals with the perils of public fattery, is live now. It’s still pending in the iTunes store but until it gets approved you can download (or listen to it) here. If you’d rather grab an RSS feed, you can find that here. EDIT: And now Fatcast is up in the iTunes store, so you can subscribe there as well, if you’re up for that level of commitment.

I expect that the sound quality will improve as I learn to use Soundbooth more fully. The podcast above represents my first time ever doing anything in Soundbooth, and thus I’m allowing myself to feel rather proud of it, even though there’s plenty of room for improvement.

We have many subjects we want to discuss in upcoming episodes, and your support and feedback is definitely appreciated. Thank you, dear fats, for listening.

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