Marketing 101

By | February 9, 2009

Are you heavy or healthy? Is this a message we’re still trying to answer? Haven’t we addressed this in some lecture hall, some street corner conversation, some text alert or bulletin board message? I seem to recall t-shirts or buttons, some bumper sticker I threw away. I swear we covered this already.

Find your weight. As if I lost it. That’s right – I forgot! I read the news, drank some tea, and found my keys but my weight shimmied out the door ahead of me and I just couldn’t keep up! I was pretty sure gravity had something to do with it, something about the moon and rotational motion of the earth or something but being so lost about a number on a scale I really shouldn’t try too hard to think this one through. I’ll just click this button.

Start your free diet profile. Wait – I thought I was finding my weight? I thought I was on a mission to figure out if I was healthy or heavy? Instead of figuring that out first I must start a diet profile including how much weight I want to lose. You’re so helpful even, offering an arbitrary 5-15 pounds jumping point. How thoughtful!

It’s free, it’s thoughtful, it’s confidential – because Verisign ain’t just for credit card numbers anymore.

eDiets – because lulling them with advertisements works every single time.

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