{insert resolved bodily qualm here}

By | January 5, 2009

I took a B12 vitamin today for the first time in almost a year. My failing health has me wondering if my vitamin uptake will atone for my sins. Parting ways with the gym in order to avoid the public-with-dog and eating whole bags of potato chips on occassion are certainly things to atone for. I’ve watched my hips grow larger, the curve of my belly steep, my arms stretch fabric tighter. I’ve retired favorite dresses and shirts.

This would make me a prime candidate for some sort of “new you new year” commercial, right? I am exactly what diet companies and gym promotionals want to drag into their doors, at least until the check clears. It’s not so much a ‘healthy me” as a “poorer me” the diet and ‘fitness’ industry seeks out as the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins. It’s my wallet that needs to get fit – loose weight – stuff.

I bypassed the usual Resolutions post this year in any copacity because I just can’t….bear it. I can’t bear the weight of weighing myself down with some sort of weightloss goal. I have a feel-healthier goal. I have a love-people-better goal. But those goals are liminal, ageless and timeless as much as I am. Turning the page on a calendar really doesn’t incite the desire to change a part of me or how I function any less than turning the channel inspires me to pick up a fork and dig in.

Or does it?

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