You don’t Alight up my life….REVISED

By | October 21, 2008

Seriusly…..I received a dress (2 actually) from Alight ( about 3 1/2 weeks after I ordered it. They claim this is because they were moving warehouses and thus things were taking longer to ship. Fine. I receive both dresses on a Friday and return one promptly on Monday – it was a Mlle Gabriele brand and they always run small. This was September 30 or so.

Flash forward to today. They claim they haven’t received my return shipment. Their website says they are not responsible for lost packages. I just want the correct size of that very cute grey pinstripe shirt-dress. It’s been two months since I placed the original order.

Suffice to say the size variations and the Customer Service (track your package or we won’t deal? wtf!) are definitely hurting my wallet’s desire to return to them for fun fatshion. Yes they provide access to a variety of designers and fun options, but the risk of losing money and the irritation and annoyance of sizes being 2-3 times smaller than standard is just not worth it.

I’m sad that I lost out on $20 and a cute dress. I’m sad that doesn’t value its’ customers enough to provide quality follow-up and believe us when we say something got lost in the mail. Asking a customer to insure all packages being mailed back is rather crude – as if the shipping costs to return aren’t large enough – as if waiting a week to hear from Customer Service weren’t rude enough! – thanks but no thanks.

Call it the magic of the interwebs – but the same day this was published I got an email from one very big boss man saying that my return (cough) was found (cough) and they’d ship out my exchange, sorry for my inconvenience, yadayadayada. I was dubious – what if I just stirred some pots and they were sending me a mumu to shut me up? I didn’t order a mumu, dammit!

I held my breath (sort of) and today came my proper exchange. My cute cute pinstripe dress (pictures to follow, y’know, when I wear it!) and in perfect condition. So hats off to you, folks, for responding to the pissed-off-ness of the internet fattie and her quest for a hot dress. Thanks for (a)lighting up my life a lil bit on a Thursday morning.

Good thing this fattie has Patience.

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