Guest Blog: making boots fit

By | October 22, 2008

If you have issues with knee-high boots not zipping up over your calves (like I always have, even when I was thin — former dancer), here’s an idea that I came up with, that works great.

Lace them up with elastic.

Using elastic, you can lace them much more tightly, and still have the stretch to allow you to zip them. Once they’re on, you can adjust the elastic to be tighter at the ankle. I usually put them on to lace them, making sure that the elastic is not too stretched but also not completely relaxed, to get the best fit. I also usually make a knot at the ankle, because the elastic will move around over time, making the foot part too loose and the calf part too tight. Once you have the fit right, tie a tight knot at the top, et voila!

I prefer to use elastic cord from REI (which is still cheaper than most shoelaces). It takes about 10 yards per boot for a knee-high boot, depending on the number of eyelets. Just take the laces out and measure them, and get the same amount. Tie small knots in the ends to keep the laces from fraying. After a few months, the elastic may need to be shortened, and of course, you will have to replace it if you, like me, wear your boots for years.

If you can’t find the cord, flat 1/2″ elastic for sewing will also work, but not as well.

lace-up boots pic

pictured: customized Fluevogs laced with flat elastic

Madelyn Boudreaux is a DJ, photographer, writer, artist, roller derby announcer living in Salt Lake City, UT. She is also a member of the fatshionista! livejournal community. This post first appeared there on October 17, 2008.

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