Diary of….

By | September 10, 2008

Juxtaposing Thoughts
Day 2

Blogosphere. Fatosphere. Cryptosphere.

Why does the interweb taunt me so? This language I can’t grapple and this universe I can’t haggle. Individuals become peculiar and I’m left flouncing in a puddle of wet, hot Bluetooth devices. My jaw aches. I’m banging my fingers on a keyboard and hitting backspace. It seems as if grammar has taken a backseat to that age-old knee-jerk phonetic cousin of laziness and my 8th grade mathematics teacher would not be proud of me.

Instead, IAWTC. It doesn’t really matter what it is, it’s got to be correct if my favorite blogger has posted it. Mass consumption of mediocrity has taken an all-time swerve to the right aisle of hegemony. I’m still reading print electronically.

And you? Why are you here, drinking in more of what you may possibly fear? It’s not like I have anything substantive to remark upon, no pearly wisdom to leave at the gate of good ‘n plenty, no cyber-spacial reference. We’re all special snowflakes here.

Sometimes I loose my identity and find it on a website marketing size acceptance to me – and my wallet. I have yet to file a serious grievance. Suffice to say it is less expensive to give in if you have the right directories – retailmenot.com has become a comfort in my times of need.

I fear I haven’t made myself important enough to merit the notice of passersby. I feel I should post a giant notice to the general interconnected ‘verse regarding my existence and possible demise. Take heed: I like to be admired and agreed with. Otherwise I may leave.

This is just a briefing.

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