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By | October 15, 2010

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Two opportunities for you, my fats, to talk about your hulking awesome:

First, I’ve received a communiqué from Eve Binder, who is writing a piece for The Daily Beast on fat studies and fat college life. From the email:

“I’m looking for students who have taken courses in the field, as well as fat students (or recent graduates) who want to share their experiences of weight perception in college. On a slightly different front, I’d also like to speak with anyone who’s had a particularly positive or negative experience with university admins over weight issues–for instance, anyone who’s ever tried and failed to get roomier seating in a classroom, or anyone who successfully got a sturdier bed frame by lobbying the school. Youngish folk are of interest here, since the story will mostly examine trends that have arisen during the last 5 years or so… From poking around a bit, I can see that many of your readers have interesting stories, and I’d love for them to share if they’re willing. Anyone interested should contact me ASAP at, and we can discuss details from there.”

Caveat: I do not know anything about the author, so use your judgment when volunteering to participate! She seems nice enough, but I am likely biased as she was very complimentary of this here blog. Don’t judge me.

Second, the everfabulous Bri, whom you may know from Fat Lot of Good, is looking to interview fat chicks with tattoos. If you fit the description and would like to take part in her research, you can email Bri at

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