Friday Playlist: Hey you, with the pretty face.

By | August 6, 2010

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So I used to do these occasional musical interludes, and in comments to one of the Huge recaps, someone recently suggested I should also have a music blog. I would love this, but blogging being the high-paying and glamorous lifestyle that it is, I have little time to devote to a second blog (if the sarcasm here is not strong enough, I can attempt to reapply it with a hammer).

Instead, and because I am terrible at fluffy posts in general, I intend to take up posting five-track mini-playlists on Fridays. I am using for the moment, as I am loath to host these songs on my own server and possibly risk the wrath of the RIAA, even though given my discussion of each track, not to mention my lack of financial gain in employing them, this should fall under fair use. Draconian copyright paranoia FTW. If you have problems with making the playlist work, let me know. I have concerns about its accessibility for folks who use screen readers.

My original playlist for today was far more… depressing. I’ve had a complicated week. Then I made another that leaned more toward the contemplative and semi-obscure. And then I thought, what the hell, let’s do something upbeat! That is where I stand as of this morning, so that is what you’re getting.

This is going to go well, I can already feel it.

1. “Beat Control” // Tilly and the Wall. I dig Tilly the most. This song is actually quite different from much of their other music, though their usual earworm-y qualities are intact, as is their perpetual adolescence. “All these people talking ’bout you now, they don’t make no difference, no.”
2. “Mr. Blue Sky” // Electric Light Orchestra. ELO is the shit. Seriously. They can do no wrong. “Mr. Blue Sky” is a particularly epic and upbeat selection. If you hate this song, I worry about the state of your immortal soul.
3. “Help I’m Alive” // Metric. I came late to the Metric party, and only started paying attention with their most recent album, Fantasies. This particular cut makes me think of zombies. Specifically someone escaping from zombies, which I guess makes it optimistic.
4. “Don’t Stop Me Now” // Queen. Speaking of zombies! I just remembered this song is used to brilliant effect in Shaun of the Dead, though I swear I wasn’t consciously thinking of that when I added it. I added it because Queen makes everything better. (Even zombies.) “I wanna make a supersonic man out of you!”
5. “Caravan Girl” // Goldfrapp. I was listening to Seventh Tree, a near-perfect album in my opinion, for weeks before I really heard this song. It was all “Happiness” and “A&E”, and then suddenly I couldn’t get this song out of my head. A great driving track.

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