Video: Beth Ditto interviewed on

By | November 3, 2009

A couple of interesting points about this. First of all, it’s on, the internet version of Vogue, and a site hardly known for their thorough and exhaustive reporting on plus-size-accessible fashion. It’s actually on the front page of the site today, which is pretty fantastic.

More than that, however, I love Ditto’s candor about one of the outfits pictured that was put together in a hurry, that it’s basically a sheer sheath “and Spanx and a bra, and shoes, and that’s kind of all there is to it.” There’s an inventiveness and DIY flavor to Ditto’s style that’s both appealing and accessible to femme-inclined fat folks of all persuasions, and while I’m not always her biggest fan, I really dig her capacity to be out there and be so normal about it. This is what stylish fat girls do, especially those of us who are outside the inbetween-range of plus sizes: we make fashion of out the shit other folks dismiss or discard, or, as stitchtowhere and I have both described it, we make love out of nothing at all.

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