Returning to the well: Tights and belts and cardigans

By | November 5, 2009

I had reason today to thumb through the archives on this site, something I do embarrassingly infrequently. It’s as though the archives are a cluttered attic and I keep finding shit waaay in the back I’d totally forgotten about.

In my time-travels I ran across a few seasonally-appropriate posts that may appeal to some folks who missed them the first time around.

1. Tutorial: Defrumpifying a Cardigan: This is my first (and only) alteration tutorial, which I put together because The Public Demanded It. If you use it, or have used it in the past, please let me know how it worked out.

2. Belts for all, belts forever: I am pretty notoriously bad at being a Fatshion Authority Figure, but I felt compelled to talk about my belt obsession and how you, too, can wear a belt.

3. Lesley’s Late-Season and Therefore Possibly-Not-That-Useful Guide to Tights: I talk about the tights I like and don’t like, and why. This makes a nice companion piece to the annual exhaustive tights extravanganza on the Fatshionista LiveJournal community.

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