Outfitblogging: “Fat Girls Have The Best Accessories”?

By | October 29, 2008

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On Flickr I get a lot of comments about my shoes. They’re pretty uniformly positive. And it’s true, I do have many, many excellent shoes. This has been true since my fatshion-bleak teenage years in the early 1990s, when all I wore was band tees (man, did I ever have the enviable collection of band tees) and baggy jeans – I may be dressed in the Uniform of Disaffected Youth but you could get I was wearing some amazingly odd or eye-catching boots with it (especially in South Florida, where I grew up, and where nobody was wearing boots except for cowboys, construction workers, firefighters, and state troopers).

The shoe comments are gratifying for sure. I don’t mean to say I’m not pleased with the compliment. But they always remind me of something I’ve heard forever: that fat girls have the best accessories. The reasoning behind this is that accessories are the one aspect of fashion that don’t universally require a person be thin (or thinNER) to wear them. This isn’t completely accurate, really – handbag straps can be too short for fat arms; shoes lacking in width; necklaces not long enough to surmount bodacious ta-tas (I don’t have these myself, but I understand it’s a problem). As a general rule, though, a fabulous shoulder bag or an excellent pair of shoes are among the more accessible options for fat folk to be stylish and on trend.

I am not so accessory-happy as I once was: I have one (absurdly expensive gift from my Mom) Coach bag I carry every bloody day, because I hate changing bags. I tend to wear the same jewelry all the time with rare exceptions if I’m feeling particularly creative (or awake) in the morning whilst getting ready for work. Shoes, yes, are my only weakness.

How about you? Are you a bag-hoarder? A collector of necklaces or pins? Or do you consider yourself totally accessory-challenged?

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