Regular Sizes

By | May 8, 2008

One thing I hate is that the term “regular sizes” seems to imply that anything outside the size 0-12 range is “irregular.” At my retail day job, I bite my tongue and use the actual size range to answer any questions when asked where “the regular sizes” are. The snarky demon in me, looking for a bit of mischief, wants to say, “Oh, all of our sizes are regular. You won’t find anything irregular about them. We haven’t stuck size 22 sleeves to a size 7 blouse or anything like that.”

Of course, the fit-for-polite-company-and-mixed-crowds me, the one who recognizes that buying clothes can be frustrating enough (at any size) without having a sales clerk start getting all Randal Graves on them, keeps her mouth shut and wonders why people say “regular” without thinking.

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