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Gagaphrodite and other new myths. [Crosspost]

By | May 10, 2011

My (relatively brief) analysis of Lady Gaga’s new video for “Judas” is up over on Gaga Stigmata. In it, I look at prostitution as the video’s main thematic thread, and its messages about what our culture does to women in positions of power. Check it out: Gaga/Magdalene: Unpacking Prostitution in “Judas”. Here is a quote […]

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Gaga Stigmata and Free Bitch Feminism

By | November 5, 2010

Monster Ball

A couple weeks ago, following a short Twitter exchange, Meghan Vicks — who is one of the editors over at Gaga Stigmata, the amazing critical e-journal I totally would contribute to on a daily basis if only I could give up this annoying habit of sleeping — asked if I’d be willing to participate in […]

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“Clinical and strangely antiseptic”: Lady Gaga’s Anti-Sex Appeal

By | September 13, 2010

My husband hates Lady Gaga. It’s true. My husband fails to recognize Lady Gaga in the way that I do, and by extension he fails to comprehend my affection for her. This is a conversation we have ceased to have, as it can no longer take place in a constructive or illuminating way, but it […]

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Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Breaking the Male Gaze: A Close Reading of “Alejandro”

By | June 9, 2010

The idea of the “gaze” as a broad psychological concept beyond the simple meaning of the word comes to us from Jacques Lacan, a French theorist (a psychoanalyst, really, but we won’t hold that against him) most influential in the mid-20th who was really very interested in how we look at things. Like many giant […]

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Hello hello baby: A communication-breakdown on “Telephone”

By | March 13, 2010

In the opening scenes of Lady Gaga’s latest video, for “Telephone” — which is as much a short film featuring the song as it is a song the video is meant to promote — we follow Gaga into a “Prison for Bitches”. As the story goes, Gaga is doing time for having murdered her boyfriend […]

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