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Real Quick: El Tux

By | January 7, 2011

Since it’s been a bit depress-o-rama around here this week, I thought I’d give us a little Friday fluff. The above short film was written and directed by Paco Farias, and stars Harvey Guillen, whom many of you will remember for his portrayal of the inimitable Alistair on the late lamented TV series Huge (which […]

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Fat Film Reviews: Gypsy 83

By | December 6, 2010

Gypsy 83 tells the story of Gypsy Vale, a 25-year-old Stevie-Nicks-obssesed goth girl working for her sister’s Fotomat and living with her musician father, well played by X’s John Doe, in the unremarkable nowhere of Sandusky, Ohio. Gypsy’s best friend is 18-year-old nascent queer Clive, a straight-A student who is apparently the only other goth […]

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They’re real, and they’re spectacular: A review of the film A Matter of Size

By | May 17, 2010

Note: I have been liberal with the spoilers in the following review, with the expectation that many of my readers may not get the chance to see the film. However, I have held back some of the more central plot points, so there are plenty of surprises left should an opportunity to see it arise […]

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