Friday Fluff: xoJane and me

By | May 20, 2011

A screenshot of xoJane.comSo xoJane is a thing, a new thing perpetrated by Jane Pratt, late of Sassy and Jane. The former was a massive influence on my formative years, the latter I loathed, just a little bit. Nevertheless, when the opportunity came to contribute to Jane’s latest project, my positive memories of the former won out over my cranky feelings about the latter and I said fuuuuuuuck yes, only with slightly less profanity.

I’ll be contributing over there once or twice a week (once a week when I’m working on book edits, twice when I’m not). You can check out my admittedly goofy-ass author bio to get links to all my stuff. Most recently I wrote something about “beach bodies” and daring to go out in public in swimwear. The overall site content thus far is definitely interesting, and while I have problems with some of it, I really really dig the idea of a ladymedia space where even the contributors can passionately disagree about stuff. This should come as a surprise to no one, given my penchant for emphatic debate.

Not interested in xoJane? Fear not, my pets. Posts here shall continue in their typically radical and polarizing manner. I thank you all, from the bottom of my very fat heart, for your continued patronage of my work, whereever you may partake of it.

Have a swell weekend.


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