Fat NYC: An uncharacteristically fluffy picture post

By | May 4, 2011

Me, standing on a New York street, wearing a ruffled chambray dress and black leggings and grey boots.

Marianne took this. Damn my crooked leggings.

So! Last weekend found Marianne and I in New York for the Fat Girl Fleamarket, and for our promised live Fatcast. The Flea was amazing, as usual, and I think the Fatcast went okay, though I was hopelessly distracted by technical difficulties and by the mimosas our brunch waiter totally peer-pressured us into drinking beforehand.

It was a swell trip, even if I did only get to see less than half of the folks I wanted to, as any exposure to radical fat community is always a welcome treasure. I only took a few pictures that wound up on Twitpic, and they mostly involve shoes, but here they are for your perusal.


Image of Marianne's feet in white socks and pink and black polka-dotted Dr Martens oxfords, and the bottom of her long black dress.

Marianne's socks and shoes and skirt.

A collection of fats standing on a NY street corner waiting for the light to change.

Fatty caravan to the Fluevog store.

Marianne, in a long black tank dress, tries on Fluevog boots, with are black with many little buckles.

Marianne bought these.

Marianne's leg and foot ending in a lovely pair of Fluevog ankle boots with low heels and paisley-printed leather, and latticework over the vamp.

Marianne bought these too.

A handful of fats peruse a wall of a million shiny beaded necklaces.

The shopping continued.

Black and cream saddle shoes sit on an open Fluevog shoebox.

I bought these.


Finally, I do hope y’all will forgive me a tiny bit of self-promotion here, considering I engage in such shenangians so rarely. Let’s be friends in other places too!

On Twitter: 52stations
On Tumblr: theoryofgravity
On Facebook: Lesley Kinzel
On Xbox Live: Victorian Squid

Fluff completed. <3


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