Friday Fluff: Back to the new wave video future.

By | February 18, 2011

Debora Iyall ALSO knows what boys like.

So I pretty much skim Glee episodes on Hulu looking for Ashley Fink or Chris Colfer. I like the rest of the cast, I do, but their characters’ storylines either don’t interest me or lead to excessive eye-rolling. Luckily, Glee doesn’t need me to like it, as it’s doing fine on its own.

This week saw the first solo from the lady Zizes. Lauren sings The Waitresses’ “I Know What Boys Like”, which charted at #62 on the Billboard Hot 100 list in 1982. It’s a brilliant choice for Lauren, given the original’s deadpan delivery and self-assured swagger, to the extent that I now wonder if the character was specifically written to sing this song. Waitresses’ lead singer Patty Donahue had some legendary new wave sex appeal, so giving the song to Lauren is particularly conspicuous.

I’ve clipped the performance from Hulu below (again, sorry non-US readers, but it’s not on YouTube! Try googling? you can also watch it on YouTube if you’re not in the US). There’s a point early on where Lauren looks around and imagines everyone in their underwear; this is a reference to a conversation earlier in the episode, when Puck advised her to fend off solo jitters by doing just that. (Also, if anyone can point me at a gif of the “Sucker!” bit, I’d be mighty grateful. I’m sure this exists on Tumblr by now.)

Girlfriend can perform, am I right? While we’re on the subject of new wave badassery, I am seizing the opportunity to highlight one of my earliest fat idols, the magnificent Debora Iyall. Best known as the lead singer for Romeo Void, Iyall has style and bravado and some killer, killer pipes.

Finally, reigning queen of hotfatness Beth Ditto has a new video out for the single “I Wrote the Book”, off a collaborative EP with Simian Mobile Disco. There is voguing, and a “Justify My Love” vibe that I dig. EDIT: It was nice while it lasted, but the Beth Ditto video has been pulled by Sony. In its place, enjoy a second Romeo Void video:

EDIT: And the Beth Ditto video is back! I’ll be voguing in the privacy of my bedroom, if you need me.

Have a poppin’ fresh weekend, loves.


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