Updates, and two outfits in the wild.

By | September 27, 2010

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Marianne and I are making efforts to get back on a predictable Fatcast-recording schedule, though our mutual busyness is not making it easy. Our most recent episode discusses Beth Ditto’s collection for Evans, communal shopping experiences, and international fat activism. Check it out here. Speaking of, my Beth Ditto spot dress arrived today and it’s loverly.

In other news, I’m humbled and awed to be one of 40 feminists under 40 being honored at the Feminist Press 40th Anniversary Gala in New York next month. Yes, of course, I bought a dress for it.

Elsewhere, Marie Denee at The Curvy Fashionista has launched a petition asking Target to include plus sizes in its designer collaborations. Find out more — including where to sign! — here.

Finally, this cracked my shit right up this morning, and is a nice follow-up to The Suffering Ween post of last week: Boner Police.

On to the outfits:

Both of these pictures were taken with iPhones, so the quality is… not great.

Apple picking! With iPhone!

The stripe-and-floral print ruffled dress came from eShakti, though it is now vanished from the website. The cream ruffle-front cardigan came from Target’s straight sizes section — being Of Small Bosom I can usually get away with an XXL in most of their cardigans. The leggings are ancient and their origin is long forgotten. The grey Chuck Taylors came from Marshalls.

Pink tights will get you laughed at in the museum cafe, apparently.

Another ruffled dress from eShakti, this time in a dark yellow/beige stripe that is mostly lost in this picture. The navy cardigan is, again, from Target’s straight-size section. The provenance of the pink tights was Avenue. The shoes are the short-lived Spectator Keds (seriously) that sold out so quickly this summer. I wear them TO DEATH. Here’s a better picture.

I do love how I’m standing exactly the same in both pictures.

Hope y’all had a delightful weekend.

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