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By | June 14, 2010

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Hello loves: the blog will be unusually quiet this week as tonight I am [anxiously] (fat-)flying to Los Angeles for three days, where the husband will be attending and reporting on E3 and I will be visiting museums and hopefully meeting up with a few far-flung West Coast friends, including the inimitable Joy Nash. Though I’ll likely be Twittering to my usual standard, I do not expect to have time for proper writing while I’m gone.

In the meantime, there is a new Fatcast for you to hear; it is part one of Marianne’s and my conversation about Fat Travel, appropriately enough. Part two has been recorded, but sadly I haven’t had time to edit and upload it yet. As an aside, my inner perfectionist hopes the audio quality is improving! I learn more with every podcast, but I’ve still got a ways to go. Thank you, as always, for your feedback: we’ll be doing a listener-mail episode soon, in which we also tell humorous stories about things we’ve broken with our fatness, as folks seemed to warm to that idea.

If you’re all caught up on Fatcast, do mosey over to check out another new podcast being perpetrated by my beloved Cynara (co-livejournal-moderator and occasional poster on this blog under the handle stitchtowhere) and Jenny, whom I know a bit from Twitter and Livejournal. The podcast discusses pop culture and can be found at Fatties on Ice. Both individuals involved are brilliant, sassy, and smart-mouthed people so my expectations for awesomeness are high. I’ll be listening myself tonight, during my interminable flight, in hopes that their clever commentary will transport me off the airplane and into a magical fat-unicorn playland, where donuts grow on trees and everyone has their own personal tuffet to sit upon, precisely sized and engineered for maximum ass-comfort.

To finish things on a totally off-topic note: tell me your favorite traveling music, if you have an opinion on such matters. My ultimate travel songs are things like Gogol Bordello’s excellent “Wonderlust King” (embedded above), or if I’m feeling less effusive, Magnetic Fields’ “Born on a Train”. But given that I am making my first! ever! trip! to California I find myself playlisting more location-specific options. Will I be able ramp up my nerdiness in order to listen to The Decemberists’ “California One” whilst driving on the road it references? I can hope.

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