Quoted: Sarah Silverman and Joan Rivers

By | April 30, 2010

It’s been a light week around here, I know. I have this cold-that-is-not-quite-a-cold and much of my normal internets-reading time has been spent researching information on podcasting stuff. So instead of my own words, here are some words from a couple of other, funnier people than I.

CNN interviewed Sarah Silverman, and among other things, asked the famously-offensive comedian if there are any jokes she herself finds offensive.

“I don’t really care for like fat jokes about women, specifically,” [Silverman] said.

“Because I feel that we live in a society where fat men deserve love, and fat women do not deserve love — at least in white America. And so I feel like that’s an ugly thing, and it doesn’t make me laugh.”

How about that? I have often said that I don’t have a problem with fat jokes, so long as they are actually funny — it’s just that so few of them are. Head over to CNN to watch the whole interview.

Secondly, the following comes from Joan Rivers, of all people:

I admire so many people. I guess the children who work in my basement making jewelry. I admire them tremendously! [Laughs] Aretha Franklin – because she’s fat and she doesn’t care. I think it’s great. I spend my life dieting, and I love to see a heavy woman saying, “This is who I am” … and is proud to buy two seats on an airplane. I hate to get on airplanes: You gotta put a seatbelt on, and obviously Victoria Beckham was sitting there right before you and you have to let it out.

Sure, this is partly her acerbic humor, but given Rivers’ deprecation of her looks elsewhere in the interview, I’m inclined to think there may be an element of truth to it — or else I am simply too optimistic and lacking in cynicism, but I’ll take that too. Hat tip to Jezebel for pointing this out, as I never would have read an interview with Joan Rivers otherwise.

Finally, there will be a new Fatcast this weekend. Huge thanks to everyone who’s been listening and subscribing, we’re having great fun with it and we’re glad it shows.

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