By | April 6, 2010

A few of you have inquired about the long-promised Kirstie Alley recaps. The episodes are sitting on my DVR, a-waiting my attentions. Truth is I’ve been a mite distracted with writing other stuff for other purposes for the past couple weeks. I do intend, still, to visit Kirstie Alley’s planet, but be warned I will be abandoning my usual once-weekly discipline and put them up as I am able.

Speaking of things long-neglected, I have not abandoned my Formspring page, though the backlog of questions has become hopeless, and as such I’m mostly using it for blog fodder (see the Let’s Go To The Doctor! series, which I hope to wrap up this week, or a forthcoming piece in a future week on Oprah’s “ending” her war with food because of some book she read). I’m happy to still use the Formspring site to answer any more pointed inquiries that don’t require 1200 words to explain, though. Thus, consider it an anonymous means of whispering in my ear. (The alternative is the site’s contact form.) If there’s something on which you’d like me to pontificate here on the blog, or if you have an off-topic or rapid-fire question, do still submit them over there, as I check it a few times a week.

What else? While I’m at it I’ll promote the Fatshionista Facebook fanpage, which I’d love to see folks other than myself posting on. As of now it’s mostly just me going “HEY GUISE I MADED YOU A NEW POST LET ME SHOW YOU IT”. There is also a Fatshionista twitter feed which is basically just an echo of the Facebook page. Finally, there is my personal Twitter feed which is way more constantly updated, except for today, apparently, because I had a busy morning.

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