Outfitblog. (And an Unstapled anti-recap.)

By | March 12, 2010

I caught the last fifteen minutes of the last episode (hopefully forEVER) of Unstapled last night, and felt totally justified in abandoning my recaps. The moral to the story is: nobody learns anything, nothing changes, but at least it’s over. Bust out the champers! On the up side, Chynna Phillips (late of Wilson Phillips) turned out, and was kind of a snarky bitch in the best possible way. On the down side, the reunited W-P sang “Hold On” (oh shit, THAT VIDEO, LOLs-a-million) in Carnie’s living room with Rob on guitar, which means I have that damn song stuck in my head even now, try as I might to scrub it clean with the scouring power of Lady Gaga (oh shit, THAT VIDEO, for totally different and awesome reasons — check out the hot fat chicks enjoying prison life with our heroine). There is also a startling lack of Unstapled reruns on the GSN schedule, which would seem to indicate that the show’s not been doing so well, considering they had been replaying it seven to eight times in a single weekend.

But now, Carnie is out of my life forever, so on to the fatshions.

12 Feb 201010 March 20105 March 2010

Bigger versions and specifics after the jump.

12 Feb 2010

Yellow/beige stripe ruffle dress from eShakti;
dark green cardi by Jones New York;
brown tights from Avenue (I think);
(long discontinued) boots by Dansko.

10 March 2010

Red dress from eShakti.com;
brown cardi is Carole Little, by way of Marshalls;
silk scarf from Target (seriously!);
brown tights from Avenue, I think:
maryjane clogs by Dansko.

5 March 2010

Yellow/beige stripe ruffled dress from eShakti;
black/purple/white leopard-spot cardigan from Marshalls;
leggings are old;
boots are Dansko (and sadly discontinued, since somebody always asks!).

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