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Bigger versions and specifics after the jump.

7 Feb 2010

Printed denim dress from eShakti.com;
green cardi from Avenue’s $5 sale;
black leggings, I don’t remember;
woolen socks, ibid.;
pocketwatch from eBay;
sheepy boots by Maxine of Canada.

9 Feb 2010

Celery-green (or bile green, as someone recently suggested!) silk dress is some department-store brand, from Macys a few years ago;
purple cardi from Torrid;
pale blue leather tie-belt from Viktor Sabo on eBay;
pocketwatch (standing in until I get a new battery put in my wristwatch), also eBay;
dark grey tights from Avenue (old);
dark purple ruffley flats from Target.

11 Feb 2010

Silk stained-glass print wrap dress by Alfani;
pink splotch-print cardi from Marshalls;
grey tie belt from another sweater;
black tights ?;
pocketwatch, eBay;
pink flats from Target.

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